Scandal in the wind

You won the “The Divine Embarrassment” award? How do you feel to be in the hot seat?

Won? I was lost and so I lost. Shocked to the core, frozen, clueless, sweating, shaking and unable to handle. There I go Anamika.

Ok Anamika, What happened?

I realized that I had forgotten.

How long did it take you to realize?

3……….not days, not months, but yes 3 years. Someone said to me “we need something to remember” but I had forgotten I was hurt.

How do you feel today?

Today, I realize I am not the only one, but I share the award with someone who cares so deeply about me. I would be very happy if St. Nicholas would share the award with me(if he doesn’t mind).

Are you able to figure out everything now?

Yes, slowly I regained my consciousness and completed(well almost) the jig-saw puzzle.

Awwwwww…Please don’t think it’s an embarrassment. It’s a Joke. Can’t you take a joke?

Hmmmmm…. I feel there’s a very thin line between humor and sarcasm. A mistake in presenting a humor can become sarcasm and humiliation. It can be offensive. But anyways, to make you guys happy, out of “obligation” I will may be take it as a joke (though I have cried a river over it).

How would you see yourself in the new few years?

Nothing is sure. I am facing uncertainty. Anything can happen.

How prepared are you for “anything that comes along?”

That’s what I am worried about. I do not know what is that “anything” to prepare myself.

Who gets the credit for this messy setup?

Of course, me, Anamika. That’s the end of my story.

Okay, thanks Anamika. But some of us are confused.

No wonder, same here.

Last question, Anamika, are you happy?






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