Kendavare: The Red Lotus

I wonder what is it with me and Red? Red was never my favorite color, for we women see enough red in our lifetime! But people give me red.

  1. I give you red to express my love, for I want you to be happy, for I care for you.
  2. Do you have doubts in my friendship dear? Please take my red, for I too care for you and will be with you come what may.  Ouch!!!
  3. Oh I am so sorry it was me!! I was the reason behind your negative image. Please take my red. Ouch!!!

I sit and wonder what is it with me and color red, perhaps I have to change my favorite color to red.

So much stir is caused by me? How is it even possible? Is it some miracle? Why me? I ask myself. I am sorry, this is some confusion. I blame myself. I do not want anybody to be affected. I ask nothing, but my husband was paid for my embarrassment. And then I go down and took all of you down. None documented.

He who must not be named, says he is going to my country. Really? Because of me? Holy Moly, life time achievement. I am just nobody who took He who must not be named to my country?

It’s the special day. I go to office, it’s a regular day for me, I read the news, I see the preparation, my eyes fills with tears. It gets heavier, it rolls down my cheek, then there’s waterfall. I get emotional, I cry out of patriotism. I feel so happy, I took he who must not be named to my country. Unfortunately I can’t share it with my parents. I can’t tell – Mom Dad look what I did!!! Who knows I might never get a chance in my lifetime to tell them this.

what is an achievement when it cannot be bragged with others? right?

You feel happy when you achieve something, and you relive it when you brag about it and when people congratulate you. Anyway I as a nobody did my job. But I am sorry I took you all down along with me. I let you all escape, but I myself got stuck in this island.

It’s been ages since everything happened, but for me it’s as if it happened yesterday.

Cheers to the mess, love, friendship, apologies to all the people who were involved in making Kendavare – The Red Lotus.



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