Miss Communication

How do I communicate with the virtual world?

Well, there are lot of bugs in my apartment, placed everywhere in living room, bed room, kitchen, rest room.It so happens that when I am watching TV, listening to music, cooking, observing some thing, reading something there’s a ‘tick tick’ sound – I am not sure where exactly they are planted. Or there’s a car horn outside or a neighbor makes some sound. Even the refrigerator is bugged – it starts and stops at a particular dialogue.

This is how I communicate with you all and of course with those who must not be named. Now my brain should guess who is sending the message, which group and who?. It gets very stressful. So I do not like you guys convey anything anymore. It’s almost clear for me and for all of you I suppose. I do not wish to receive anything from the people.

But then it does not stop. It gets very stressful for my brain. Well, Ryan also sends message from He who must not be named. There’s a romantic scene, love message – ‘tick tick tick tick’ or Ryan moves his legs, hands. This has been going on for more than 4 years and my super brain is tired.

It is not restricted to just my apartment but also work, public places and practically every where I go. At work – there’s beeping sounds – coworkers – sending messages from those who must not be named.

Do I like it? No. I am tired. It triggers me.

How do I reply? By writing in a notepad or phone (oh yes phone speaks) or oh yes I speak up. I wonder when did my life get so complicated? When did I get into this situation.

So did I like the surprise gift? Not completely – it changed  the course of my life.

“Don’t come out, we will deny we know you as you have no proof”- says who? The charming and highly successful people’s favorite leader and those people who must not be named.

My brain goes kaput. I am tired. Thanks for all the care but how long does this go on?

Sometimes to think that I am like an island itself is so suffocating.

Oh I can’t handle this. How long before I totally give up…………….Ryan?



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