Have fun

I hope everybody had lots of fun out of my life.

Did you have a good laugh????

Yes, who doesn’t love gossip, we all want gossip unless it is not on us.

After St. Nicholas, the gossip is on The highly successfully married with a perfect family, highly charming, hihly educated, oh by the way he wants a stage name??? Oh my, should I give the great personality a name? You already have one, but still if I have to…

#define The highly successfully married, highly charming, highly educated      Rackesh

I hope you liked your name..

So after St. Nicholas, I am a big gossip with Rackesh, the great man.

Oh by the way it’s going to be 5 years in 4 months. And yeah congratulations to me…. I am back on my medications..oh yes but then we have money………………….i just hope i will not lose Ryan in this long time comedy show…



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