Where are you from Udayaravichandrika?

Lot of people ask me. I am from Bangalore. I speak Kannada.

So what will happen to you?

It still uncertain. Things have become more and more complicated for me. It’s just too overwhelming for me. My health is not so good, it deteriorated and I don’t know what to do. With everybody testing on me, my health is deteriorated. For all of you it’s a big joke. It’s taken long and my relationship with Ryan might end (since he or my parents are unable to handle me), I might not be there. I don’t know what to do where to go. There are very high chances I might go back to my home town. So nothing is sure. This journey might end to Ravichandrika soon, may be break up with Ryan and go back. Thanks to all of you for testing on me. Oops sorry I said Thanks.


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