What’s up?

hey what’s up with you?

you know i had a baby..

wow congratulations.

i am getting married.

wow congratulations..

i am getting engaged.

wow congratulations.

we bought a house

wow congratulations.

i got promoted

wow congratulations.

what’s up with you?

me nothing much….facing uncertainty, screwed up life… can’t show my face to anybody….i hate it…i am drowning in big peoples game.. my life is a shit.. I am sorry Mom Dad I failed in life. Well, congratulations to everybody who wanted to see me destroy completely. It might make some tremendous friends group happy.

When will I get out of this island? When the f**k does this end?¬† may be with me? may be with me and ryan separating….Congratulations to everybody who contributed.

ohhhh my brain is not working…it’s gone kaput…i have to train my brain to be happy with what i have…but what if life throws lemons one after the other even before you can recover from previous lemon….I am tired of recovering to get ready to accept one more lemon…

Okay..where are you off to?

to great wall of china..


they cancelled wall due to budget constraints and decided to build a fence here…

ok, but why great wall of china?

to bang my head

Good luck God save the wall.



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