Medha Devi Gaja Lakshmi Singh

Somebody asked me to share. Ok here I go with how the story actually began:

When I was new to the city I met somebody let’s say Medha Devi Gaja Lakshmi Singh or simply Gaju. We shared same taste – Carnatic classical music.I liked her instantly. Since we had similar taste me, Gaju and Gaju’s friend decided to sing in an event. We practiced thoroughly and sang on the stage, after we got down from the stage, Gaju is upset. She moves here and there yelling at me “Everything is wrong Sheryl Crow, It’s completely wrong. The pitch is so wrong. Just looks is not enough, one needs talent”

Sheryl Crow : “Oh really, first of all, was that off- shruthi? Stupid me, I didn’t even realize. My my I am Sorry MS amma for spoiling your concert!!! and secondly thanks for the info that I don’t have talent to sing”

End of Scene One.


Me : Hey Gaju shall we meet up and practice music?

Gaju: Actually we practiced pancharatna kriti but then you don’t know all.

Me: Ok, no worries.


Gaju and Mr. Gaju. me and Ryan decided to hike Mission peak. We thought we’ll start early in the morning. I woke up to find I had you know… code red. During “code red” forget about mission peak, some days I can’t even get out of bed. I cancelled hike. But Gaju went.(she mistook we were challenging her stamina..)

While climbing down, Gaju was super tired, or she created scene.

Gaju “Oh I can’t climb down, it’s not possible, I am tired. I want somebody to give me lift, may be we can ask some cyclist to give me lift”

Really Gaju? I would have told “No wait, they have a bus service from peak to the base. Wait for the bus, it’s more comfortable than cycle”

End of Scene Two.


Gaju and Mr. Gaju, me and Ryan decides to go to farmers market. Gaju is super excited about a paratha. She argues with Mr Gaju about quality of the paratha.

Gaju arguing and tells me”Eat this, isn’t this good? See I told you Mr. Gaju. This is good”

Mr. Gaju gives sorry kind of expression.

I and Ryan are like oh how childishly she is arguing.

End of scene three.


Gaju goes to bungee jumping for she is super adventurous. Gaju and Mr. Gaju explains the experience.

Oh wow did you guys did it alone?

Mr. Gaju: No there will be a navigator, who controls and lands.

Gaju suddenly : Yes I had a hefty navigator, because I am hefty right?

Me and Ryan : Gaju I am sorry but did we ask you that? We are not responsible for your insecurities.

End of scene Four.


I invite – Gaju come home for Ganesh pooja at 7 pm. We are all prepared and waiting for Gaju… It’s 7:30 pm, 8 pm 8:30 pm and 9 pm….No sign of Gaju. Finally she comes at 9:30 pm.

Ryan who is so punctual and values time is pissed off….


Then we go to a trip to Tahoe, 11 of us. Gaju plans the trip, it was very nice of her to take the responsibility to plan the trip. We decided to leave at 5:30 pm. Ryan values “time” a lot and he doesn’t like to wait

Ryan is boiling.

We go to downtown Truckee, but all of us are wondering what to do. Then there’s a train, Gaju runs to the train with open arms like she hasn’t seen a train. “Really Gaju????? Haven’t you seen train before?”

Ryan is boiling.

Next we go for skiing. We take skiing lessons. I fell in all possible directions, multiple times. In fact we all were falling. But Gaju falls royally. And she blames me? Gaju How am I responsible?

Next Gaju takes us for a hike, where there’s no trail. Let’s hike. Ok Gaju but where’s the trail? Ryan is boiling. Gaju opens Google Map and shows “Hey look there’s a trail”, and she runs towards a hill.. Gaju, they’ve blocked the path, it’s a hill, there’s no trail on that hill covered with snow.

Ryan is boiling.

Next we go to lake, Gaju says let’s do kayaking, let’s go bungee jumping, let’s do boating, let’s dance………

Ryan – “Alright I have had enough. You are as old as 3 donkeys. Grow up!!”

End of Scene.

Ryan could you not say that????? It’s so offensive.


These are some of the scenes created by Gaju. We tell our friends how much we were hurt by someone but never tell what we did to that someone.

Gaju now spreads this.

What a civil way to do Politics. I wish I could learn how to be civil, for I lack civility!!!!!



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