Sunehra Chand

So Chandramuki, what is your problem?

No, I am Avani.

Ok, Avani, what is it you want? What will make your soul free?

I told you I am done with my story. Why are you bothering me?

Tell about your secret.

Asks who? When did I become public property?Ok, here’s what happened.


Long long ago, not so long ago, my dear neighbor Sunehri bought new TV.

Everyday the show would start at 9 pm or 9:30 pm. Oh why so late? The whole day they are silent. Why this Sunehri has to start her entertainment only so late in the evening. And that too so loudly.

Every day for I don’t remember how many days this went on.

Let me talk to Apartment manager. So what should I do?

Apartment Manager: “Oh don’t talk to them personally. Call the security personnel”

Oh I did. But damn, by the time he came, they reduced the volume.

Called the security personnel few times.

Now they are walking so loudly, switching on the bathroom fan when it’s so late. It’s 11:30 pm, may be they are attending nature’s call. Ok but how long? My nature’s call doesn’t take this long. Are they doing it on purpose? Am I paranoid? May be I am starting to get paranoid.

Oh why Sunehri ‘s activities starts only at night, that too so late. Are they doing it on purpose because I complained about their television? Oh no, may be I am starting to get paranoid.

Then one day late night I am asleep: “THUMP!!!”

This Sunehri …this is on purpose….ok Sunehri “knock knock will you please stop dancing?”

Next day:

Shucks, that’s so bad..I shouldn’t have done that. May be I was paranoid. I feel so bad about myself. Let me go to them and apologize. Anyway today is Ganesha Chaturthi, I have made some offerings to Lord. I put it in a bowl, with some chakli, modak, some fruits, oh there I have made a paper rose flower.

“Knock Knock, hey guys Happy Ganesh chaturthi, I thought of giving this to you”.

Next day, I bought ear plugs and done.

But my guilt and paranoia grew. Even before I realized there’s a river “Sunehra Chand”, lot of tributaries got added to it.

River runs, before it goes underground and disappears.





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