Chandramukhi on cloud 9

Write more.

What else to write, there’s nothing left.

Oh but you haven’t told your secret Chandramukhi.

Chandramuki? Me? Holy crap? Says who?

That’s the sweetest gift you have got from both the groups.

My my I cannot believe I am Chandramukhi. Nobody’s ever told me. I feel like I am on cloud 9. From which angle do I look like her? Oh ummm it’s definitely not my nose, not my teeth? Holy Moly I am so happy, I can’t believe – Chandramukhi?

May be lean version.

Oh my whatever version, even if I look 10% like her, I am so happy. Can you please tell her I am her big fan. I grew up watching her movies, songs. Send her my kisses and hugs. But I still cannot believe, me and Chandramukhi? Hahaaa… That Chandramukhi who didn’t have any stain?

Well, why don’t you write about it yourself?

Oh but I don’t know what to write. I am so excited to hear I am Chandramukhi that my head has gone kaput. It cannot think of any idea as beautiful as herself. Oh come on where is she and where am I? Has she seen me?


Oh my..why didn’t you tell me when she saw me. I would have done something sweet, may be a flying kiss. From now on, please tell me who sees me when, so I can give them the right expressions they deserve.

So are you happy? How do you feel?

Oh why do you ask? I feel like I won Miss World contest and you guys put me a “silver crown” on my head that’s gone kaput.

So Misscreamelhanilissaintism what’s up?



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