What’s your problem, Kiravani?

I do not want to go public. I do not like being asked too many personal questions.

Everybody has problems. Some “strong people” deal well, others like me fail to deal well with the problem. Anyway I was working with a therapist.

It’s been legally documented (the only thing that is legally documented in fact) and might get leaked when time comes. That’s the gift I gave to Ryan and Mr.Silver jubilee for their house warming ceremony and of course their successful marriage anniversary.

I came to know many of you are super jealous of me. This might be a good news for those of you, time to celebrate over my disastrously failed life, for you need something to remember.

Mr.Silver Jubilee, all your favorite leader washes his hands off this case. You all will carry on.

Who suffered/suffers? Me.

Oh I forgot “Happy Women’s Day” for those of you successful leaders, mothers, daughters, wives, teachers…and of course to ladies who failed like me.

What gift do you want on this day?

I want to be released from this whatever shit it is. I am not able to lead neither a common man’s life nor a celebrity’s life. I am tired of playing dumb charades game with Mr. Silver Jubilee and all of you. I am sick and tired of this mess. Powerful guys don’t release me. None of this is documented and guess what it’s been 4.6 years and no sign of the end. God is surely not fair, you see.


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