After a long time

I logged in after a long long time, 4 years to be precise. I tried hard remembering the login name and password. after failing a couple of times, I remembered and finally I logged in. The entire GUI has changed and I don’t know where are the buttons to write, for settings, to look at old posts, to change the blog theme etc.. I am still figuring out…will get used to it may be.

I have so many things to write, but don’t know what to write, where to start, whether to write anything at all…

Just to write about “present” meaning today, I woke up very late. Like everyday prepared coffee, took one cup to my husband who was still groggy in bed. I looked out of the window, my my, it’s so foggy and so cold outside. I don’t like this’s so gloomy and depressing. Then I got ready and left for office. Didn’t feel so good, came home early. Wanted to do something to “motivate” myself to feel good. I logged into amazon prime, started a couple of movies..didn’t feel like continuing.. I stopped. Then I logged into Youtube and I watched “Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse” cartoons back to back. It reminded me of childhood days. Good old days, over the weekend 10-11 am every Sunday they would telecast Ducktales on TV followed by Talespin from 11-12 am. My mom would wake me up, give me a head bath and I would sit in front of the Television with breakfast to watch my favorite shows. As I watched the cartoons today, I felt ‘Oh those were so carefree days’!!!! I watched it for 3-4 hours like a child. I realized I still like those cartoons, they are so cute. May be I have not grown up, or may be I like the good memories attached with those cartoons, may be I like reliving those good old days, or may be cartoons are for all ages. Whatever may be the reason, I had fun….

It’s nice to attach a photo with the post. I googled for Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse images and found an image….but then…I looked for the button to attach the photo…I didn’t find…May be I’ll figure out slowly as I get used to the blog formats….



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