Speak up Melissa

It’s Christmas time, I like this time of the year. All houses are decked up with lights and Christmas trees, there’s celebration everywhere. Some houses are wonderfully decorated. I feel like asking them “Are you guys as happy as you have decorated your house?”. Anyway, it’s fun to look at other houses all with lights. Even at work, they are throwing year end parties. Today was “White Elephant Gift Exchange” organized by my team. I wanted to participate and take some gift, because the rule says “No gift no participation”. I was thinking I will take a photo frame, so the happy families can put their family photos. By photo it reminds me, I am not so photogenic. To get one good pic of mine, I need to take 50 photos. Some people are gifted with perfect face, perfect smile and perfect body. Back in high school I was super skinny, so skinny that I was afraid somebody would ask “Why are you sucking your cheeks?”. Once me, my dad and mom were leaving for a party. I wore a nice dress, decorated myself with accessories and still felt I did not look good. I asked my dad “How do I look?”

Dad: just nodded his head

Me: I don’t even have basic beauty

I thought he’ll say “No dear you are beautiful”, but then he said

Dad: That’s ok. Look at your mom. She is also not beautiful, but she manages everything so well.

I was stunned. How can you say your wife is not beautiful. You are not Mr.Perfect husband. A perfect husband would say my wife is beautiful however she is!!

And then I thought why did you say Mom? Why don’t you say look at me – I am not smart – but still somehow managing.

I wanted to ask him – do you think you are smart and mom is not?

If I think about it now I feel how funny is that…



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