The Peter’s bridge

There is a long story behind this bridge. It seems my great grandfather got this bridge constructed to connect this two hillocks. My grandfather had a sister who was very near and dear to him, he got her married to a rich farmer from the neighboring village. My grandfather lost his parents at a very early age and he took care of his sister completely on his own, she was more like a daughter to him. She was the apple of his eye. After her marriage, she moved to her husband’s house and my grandfather had trouble visiting her since the journey was long and in those days treacherous. One day while he was on an evening stroll, he came to this place and thought if there were a bridge in this place, he could visit his sister frequently. Thus this bridge was born.

Visiting became frequent. It was all fine in the beginning. His sister had a baby. One day her husband came home and said they’ll have to leave the house, that he had lost everything in gambling. My grandfather couldn’t tolerate her husband’s attitude and irresponsibility towards life. He helped him a great deal in clearing debts, and giving him a second chance. All was in vain, very soon she discovered he was back in the game.

One day he came home drunk with some other woman and put my aunt out of the house along with her baby. She came back to my grandpa. My grandpa tried several efforts to reconcile between them but nope, he was out of his mind. After several months we heard he lost his house and land again. My grandpa was disappointed about his sister’s life. He had a guilt in him that he couldn’t find a good life for her. He never came to this bridge again, my mother says. For many years it was abandoned.

Government acquired this forest and made it a public park, allowing tourists to visit and enjoy the beauty of nature. He passed away long back. This bridge was named after him -The Peter’s bridge. He built it as a symbol of connecting two hearts, because of this many people come to get married at this particular bridge.Locals talk about his love towards his sister. Families come for a small outing with kids.Hikers and lovers visit this place. A fine man he was.

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13 thoughts on “The Peter’s bridge

    1. Hi Jamie, Thank you very much. I just made this up. The picture was so captivating, beautiful, and mysterious. It looks like a secret spot hidden in nature. Just came up with this story seeing it šŸ™‚

  1. What a beautiful story. I wanted it to be true, also!!! Thanks for sharing. What a beautiful picture!!! Coming over from YeahWrite—we are column mates!!!

  2. That was a beautiful story you conjured about this bridge. I, too, wish there were truth to it. There’s something captivating about a story of person who gives so much of himself for another and takes so much responsibility for the person’s well being.

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