Singapore in a glimpse

We had a half a day stop over at Singapore, Changi airport. At first our idea was to stay at transit hotel in the airport. We reached Singapore at midnight, the transit hotels were full. The airport has luxurious sleeping lounges, massaging chairs and comfortable seats to rest, We decided to sleep at the airport, with so much facilities we were able to get a good sleep. In the morning we had breakfast at an Indian vegetarian restaurant – Kaveri – which has amazing South Indian food.

There’s a free city tour from airport, starting at 9 in the morning. We took the first slot from 9 – 11 a.m. We realized how humid the city is soon after we were out of the airport. It’s pretty much like Chennai. The city tour bus, took us over the downtown Singapore, a 15 minute stop at Marina Bay from where we could see Sentosa island. The guide in the bus explained the history of Singapore, about the housing provided by government, the city during the world war II  and more.

The tour ended in an hour or so, since some of the roads were closed due to Formula race. Continuous sweating due to humidity causes dehydration and feels tiresome very soon. After the tour, we took Singapore Subway to Little India. I was amazed to see the mini-Indian bazaar,fresh flowers, vegetables, camphor,  beetle leaves, dresses, jewelry and even a Hindu temple. For a minute I thought I was already in India!

Some photos taken from the moving bus. The photos are taken from my mobile, didn’t carry a camera while travelling. We wished we could take another tour in the evening, to see the city lights, but had a flight to catch. Awesome city Singapore:

The Singapore Flyer , The central business District and Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Financial Center
Little India


Garden at Changi air port.


The old-style departure board at Changi airport.



6 thoughts on “Singapore in a glimpse

  1. Hi, row-mie! Singapore is on my list of places to go, so thanks for sharing your photos! I’m also very curious about the in-airport sleeping lounges. I’m equal parts intrigued and frightened…

    1. At first even I was frightened about staying at the airport. But Changi is one of the world’s best airports and safe too. We found many travelers just like us, taking a break. We loved the city. Do visit once.

    1. Hi Angela, yes it is. A nice place to visit. There were other combined tours like Singapore-Malaysia, can cover many countries together.

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