Memorial Day trip to Crater Lake/Mt. Shasta

We went on a trip to Crater Lake and Mt. Shasta on Memorial Day weekend. I was pestering my hubby to take me somewhere, so he planned this trip all by himself and whenever I asked he kept telling me it’s a “surprise”!

Day 1:

Crater Lake

We started off early in the morning on Saturday around 5:30 a.m. to avoid traffic. I packed Chapati and AlooGadde palya for Saturday (I had heard from several people that we get nothing to eat around Crater Lake). Our plan was to drive to Crater Lake on Sat. We reached Crater Lake around 1 p.m. went to visitor center to know what to do around Crater Lake. Unfortunately due to heavy snow all hiking trails were closed and road which traverse around the lake too was closed. Disappointed we went up to the Lake, it was beautiful sight out there. Dark blue water, looked like water in a bowl. We then had coffee in a cafe and drove around the lake for some distance. We stopped at two vista points to take a good look at the lake. All this we finished by 3:30 pm and having nothing to do we drove back to our motel. Our motel was located in a beautiful location, there was a small river flowing behind and we both sat on it’s bank for few minutes. Cool breeze and sound of flowing water was very relaxing. We then went around to see if we can get anything to dine, in vain!! Luckily 4 chapatis were left, we ate it with banana. We played cards, read some books and dozed off.

Day 2:

Inside a volcanic cave

At 8 am we were ready packed and asked the motel owner for any other attractions around. She suggested we go to Lava Bed Monument on the way to Mt. Shasta where our motel was booked for the day. We headed to Lava Bed and by the time we reached we were exhausted with no food. There was absolutely no restaurant on the way. There were many caves divided based on difficulty level easy, moderate and difficult. We went to 5 easy to moderate caves. These caves were formed thousands and thousands of years ago due to volcanic eruption. Inside the cave it was pitch dark, at times I got scared. We borrowed a torch at visitor center which was only source of light. A nice info: We went to Mushpot, Golden Dome, Sunshine, Upper Sentinel and Lower Sentinel. It was an amazing experience. Never done before. We felt it was worth coming to this place. We then left to Mt. Shasta, reached around 5 pm. We went around Mt. Shasta city, went to visitor center to know of the attractions. She suggested us to drive up hill and hike on a trail that was relatively flat and visit Mc Cloud falls and hike around. We went up Mt.Shasta as long as we could drive and people were beginning to leave. So we thought of hiking the next day and returned.

Day 3:


We got up early around 6:30 am got ready and left to Mt. Shasta to hike. While driving up there was so much fog, we could hardly see 100 ft ahead of us.  Drving very slowly we reached the parking lot. It was very very cold. Covering up in two layers of jackets/sweaters, wearing gloves and mufflers we started to hike. The trail was called Bunny Flat trail. It was totally 1.5 miles one way. The trail was partly snow covered, we were cautious while walking on snow not to skid. After walking about 0.8 miles it started fogging. We had to return fearing if we(or I?) climb up further we may find difficult to climb down.

Mc Cloud Lower falls
Mc Cloud Lower falls
Mc Cloud Middle falls
Mc Cloud Middle falls


Then we left to Mc Cloud falls. It is not one of tallest falls but definitely spectacular. There were three view points, along the 1.5 mile hiking trail, lower falls, middle falls and upper falls. We went up till middle falls and returned. Our stomach started grumbling and it was 12:30 p.m. time right enough to leave.

We reached home at around 7 pm after a wonderful and memorable trip.


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