Hello friends,

Blogging Vogging” is similar to words teenie-weenie, boogie-woogie where the second word is simply an extension of the first and needn’t have any meaning. This in Linguistics is called ‘Reduplication’ or ‘Rhyming Reduplication’ to be specific. Reduplication is widely used in many languages and so in mine. “Blogging Vogging” simply means Blogging and etcetera. I couldn’t think of anything more.

Little about me: I am just another soul in this blogging world. This blog is not dedicated for any particular topic. I write about me, my family and my experiences. More about me in my posts.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a good time.



9 thoughts on “About

  1. HAha… I quite like the Vogging bit. Especially after what Sridevi did to English. There probably is something about the ‘v’ sound. Happens to be a part of numerous reduplications 🙂

    As for astronomy, well… I don’t know if I am quite into all that. Though I like the sci-fi movies set there 😀 Does it count? :O

    • Hi, thanks for the follow. Glad you fancy my blog name. I am not much into sci-fi, however when I dream of astro stuff, it’s like watching a sci-fi in my sleep!
      Thanks for stopping by.

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