Miss. Victoria – A play

Ok, so what’s your story?

Exactly that’s my Question.

Can you talk and share your story?

I don’t like to share my stories and issues with others.

Ok, but this is national emergency. You must share.

What!!! Who are you guys? How is my issue a national emergency? I don’t understand. I am utterly shocked and blanking out. Are you guys from SSPD?

Yes ma’am you are surrounded by SSPD.

Trigger, Trigger, Trigger….I am confused.

Can you tell us what you think happened?

Ok, I will email you in detail.

Ok, Miss.Victoria, you are clean.

Miss.Victoria: What do you mean I am clean? When was I ever dirty?

SSPD: This is a joke.

Miss Victoria: What? You call my humiliation a JOKE? Trigger trigger trigger…

SSPD: We want to help you. This is the command from our boss.

Miss. Victoria: Who do you report to?

SSPD: To Mr. Nana Caretaker.

Miss.Victoria: What????? Mr. Nana Caretaker? WoW awesome, thank you so much. When will this end?

Mr. Nana Caretaker: Miss. Victoria, we want to take care of you. this is a joke.

Miss Victoria: Mo. Nana Caretaker, how is this a joke? I am humiliated. I don’t want you guys in my apartment. Please go away and leave me alone. I have been through a lot and I am tired.

Mr. Nana Caretaker: You have no choice Miss. Victoria, trust this process and this is the only way out.

Miss. Victoria: Ok, so why is this so important? I don’t understand. What do you want from me?

Mr. Nana Caretaker: You.

Miss Victoria: Hahahahaaa now this is a JOKE.

Mr. Nana Caretaker: You have to somehow manage for as long as it takes.

Miss. Victoria: This is not fair game. I am already Mrs.Nene, I can’t be Mrs.Nana or Mrs.Nini, NoNo I can’t do this.

Mr. Nana Caretaker: You have no choice but to play this dumb charades game. We will give you Qs as to what happened and let’s see how this play will end.


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