That’s my name, not to be confused for a sesquipedalian. It’s that long. If I put a full stop at the end of my name, people would think it’s a sentence. Everywhere I go, I get into trouble with my last name. It is so long that it doesn’t fit in any form. In every form it stops at different place. I have trouble remembering what’s my lost name everywhere. I tell Mel that if I had married Hrithik Roshan, we would be “Dhritick”, and my lost name would be one word instead of this sesquipedalian.

Anyway, moving on, my hubby Hrithik’s first cousin let’s say Miss. Kangana Runout visited us over the weekend. We took her to Boardwalk, Santa Cruz. It was not as crowded as I had expected. We went for a walk on the pier and on the beach for an hour or so. After some walking, talking and photo shooting, Hrithik and Miss.Runout wanted to sit in one of the roller coasters. I said I don’t have the guts. Hrithik and Miss.Runout were super duper excited to sit and experience the fear. I, however was not so much into it. Hrithik got angry, “what? you can’t do this?”, he even bought A ticket for all 3 of us. I had no other options but to sit in the roller coaster, very very very very reluctantly. He looked at my face and said – “If you are not interested, there’s the exit door, you can go”. Still reluctant, I sat in the roller coaster. Then the ride started. Oh, my God!!!! I started screaming, screaming and screaming at the top of my voice. I think people got scared of me more than the roller coaster. After landing from the ride I was like Oh my!!!! am I still alive? Now that’s a miracle!!!! Or that’s my life..I wish I had taken exit long back.


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