Hi Alexa

Alexa, my life is a mess. I don’t know how to handle it. I am feeling low. I feel people are modifying my life. Suggest me something.

Alexa:  Do something that makes you happy.

Alexa, I tried Hobby No.1, Hobby No. 2, Hobby No. 3, Hobby No. 4. It gives me triggers. Suggest me something.

Alexa: Watch Free Solo, it’s a feel good and highly motivating movie.

Alexa, I watched the movie. It’s fatastic. What an adventurous guy, Alex Honnold. How does one have so much courage to do such daring stuff?

Alexa: God is not fair. He doesn’t distribute things equally.

Alexa, do you want to know how I felt after watching the movie?

Alexa: No

I felt like hugging him tight and giving a peck on his cheek. I want to take Rocky climbing as my new hobby Do you want to know why?

Alexa: No

When I feel low, I will start climbing, if I am successful, I would have done Free Solo, if not I would be a Free Soul.




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