Miss Gratitude

With Melissa gone, I am all alone and have all the free time in the world. I am sitting at home and watching back to back Hindi movies. I think I deserve this break from Melissa!!! As I close curtains and say good bye to ’18 and sign up for new ’19, I am signing up for all uncertainties that is coming my way. Many people party to bid adieu to ’18 and welcome ’19. I have no plans. What’s yours?

There are so many wonderful, down to earth, honest of the honest, nicest of the nicest, humblest of the humblest, people who have come and gone in my life. My heartfelt gratitude and apologies to my mom, dad, hubby, FIL, MIL, friends, mom-likes, dad-likes and rest of care takers and contributors and dignitaries.

A very nice bhajan in Sindhubhairavi raaga on Lord Krishna by Smt. Amrutha Venkatesh

Raise your glass and say Cheers to ’19,

-Miss Gratitude



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