Miss Malini

I come from a very middle class family. My father was a school teacher and my mother a housewife. He taught in school during the day and worked as private tutor in the evening. He would go to student’s house and teach. He was my Guru as well. My father was very strict in school, pretty much like Mr. Hitler. But he never gossiped about other teachers or never entertained group-ism or got involved in others politics. Our parents are our first Guru and as we enter the main stream of the society we meet people who teach us lessons in life. Some of them are good experiences and some are bad and some are terrible. But we have a lesson to take home. One of them is my music Guru let’s say Miss.Malini(What’s in a name?..smells sweet???).  I ask Miss. Malini, what is your opinion about my singing? I have fear singing solo. She says I sing like Shreya Ghoshal. I know it’s not true, she’s just trying to make me feel good.

Shreya: Miss.Malini, how do I overcome stage fear?

Miss Malini: practice makes you perfect. Practice as many times as possible.

Shreya: But as soon as I sit on stage, look at all dignitaries(even you!!!!) and face Mr.Mike, I tremble.

Miss Malini: You’ll get used to it. Sing on stage few times and you’ll be fine. Practice well and go on the stage with all confidence and sit in front of Mr.Mike and when everything’s clear, start.

Shreya: Oh!! You are so nice Miss Malini, you encourage me so much, you fill me with confidence. You are like my mother!

Miss Malini: (Laughs) You are a Drama Queen!

Shreya: (tells to herself)  Haha yeah right, I am Queen Elizabeth’s daughter in law. I will May be invite her as the next chief guest to your music event and also Miss Shreya, big artists to sing for you!!!

I thought “The feeling is not always mutual………………..Shreya”


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