Melly Christmas

Heyyyyy it’s Christmas. It’s the day I and my hanilissa got engaged. This is our 10th year and special thing is I am alone. hanilissa is gone for spiritual retreat to be Mouni baba. I am having all the free ‘me time’. I woke up today and went for a walk on the trail behind my apartment. I came from the walk and had ganji for breakfast (left over from yesterday’s dinner) along with banana chips from Karnataka. Ganji is rice porridge a simple meal. It was served as breakfast everyday at my granny’s place. Just pressure cook rice with lots of water and eat it with salt, ghee and pickle.

To entertain me I watched some old Hindi movies back to back sitting in the apartment. Over the last two days these are the list of movies I watched:

  1. Sunday evening show: Anand
  2. Monday morning show: Andaz apna apna
  3. Monday matinee show: Jhooti
  4. Monday evening show: Filmfare wards 2018
  5. Tuesday morning Christmas special (now running): Hera Pheri

Andaz apan apna is one of my all time “feel good” movies. I can watch it any number of times and still have a good laugh. Anand and Jhooti are Hrishikesh Mukherji movies. Hanilissa introduced me to his movies and I love all his movies, can watch it anytime to feel good.

Last week my father celebrated his 66th birthday. He fills me with encouragement, he makes me happy and he is a good friend in my life along with lots of other good friends. Here’s a song for my father , to my hanilissa who is in spiritual retreat and to lots of other friends saying “Cheers”





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