They say sing like nobody’s watching, dance like nobody’s watching, me and Melissa quarrel like nobody’s watching. We forget where we are, we imagine we are in a desert or an island or outer space and we encourage each other to argue. Gawwwd, we are one of those imperfect families who are like super romantic on Facebook and in the background bickering on and on. I ask myself are we one of those dysfunctional families which needs all the help in the world or may be it’s me who needs all the help in the world!

Yesterday Melissa and I woke up and went for an early morning walk. There’s a beautiful trail behind our apartment. There are lot of sweet chirping plump beautiful birds. They tweet so sweet and look so chubby that I feel like hugging them. We got back from our long walk and had breakfast and Melissa suggested we eat outside. I got myself ready. I love perfumes – not all but ones which have faint and pleasant smell. I sprayed like what 4 sprays and sat in the car. Mel was like don’t put so much perfume – it gives me headache. And so we argued. It’s like, Oh so you have a point, I have a counter point. And there starts our table tennis game.

Smell reminds me, long back, meaning 4 years back when I was actively blogging, I had chosen a tag line for this stupid blog. I took it from Mr.Shakespeare,

“What’s in a name? That which we call rose, by any other name would smell as sweet” in Mr.Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

I have a question for Mr.Shakespeare, what if we call the rose 420, angry rude b****, liar, menace. Would it still smell sweet.

Mr.Shakespeare: “Then probably it is not a rose at all” ……………………….

Ah, finally figured out how to attach a photo. I googled this image and using it here:




I took this image exactly from this website (


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