Teeny-weeny things I hate in winter

It’s cold these days and the heater is on most of the time in my house. In this cold weather some of the teeny-weeny things I hate to do:

  1. Washing my hair and stepping out of the house. I do use hair dryer but then I don’t have time to completely dry my hair.
  2. Sometimes I don’t switch on the fan when I take shower. The hot vapors collect and create a Sauna effect. I don’t like going out of the bath after a hot shower.
  3. I dislike wearing any metal chain. I don’t like the touch of the cold metal on my warm skin especially after a super hot bath.
  4. Wearing my trousers. They need few minutes to get warm after wearing (absorbing body heat)!! I don’t mean that I dislike wearing trousers (OF COURSE I DO WEAR TROUSERS, What were you thinking??? !!!) Only I wish they underwent some kind of heat treatment before wearing.
  5. I come out of my room getting ready and my finger tips have started to wrinkle. I hate the dry wrinkled fingers!! My palm seems to shrink and fingers start curling inwards. I have to stretch them and quickly apply a moisturizer.
  6. The moisturizer makes me look all the more oily. Now after applying a body lotion, I begin to wonder did I take a bath just now??? It’s oily!!! Ewww!! My husband who doesn’t like oily moisturizers, prefers to settle with dry wrinkled hands and legs. I wonder how he could???? Anyway, I look in the mirror. The moisturizer has made me oily, devoid of freshness!! It looks like I have just come from gym or a treacherous hike. Adding to that, I am terrible in applying make up on!! Some days however I give it a try. I take the liquid foundation and apply on my face and happily go to work. Obviously I look different from other days.My friends look at me in sympathy and ask if I am not doing well!!! Gosh, oily is better. At least it makes me look NORMAL!!!
  7. I hate sitting inside my freaking cold car. However I open the door and all it has to offer me is the cold seat, on which I hate to settle. I hold the steering wheel which is just as cold as the seat. I switch on the heater in the car, cold air blows on my face. By now all the heat I got from my Sauna is lost.
  8. I hate the static generated in my hair, hands and legs. By evening the moisturizer would have been absorbed completely and rubbing of clothes against skin creates static making it hard to remove the clothes clinging to my body. And when I pull the cloth I hate the crackling sound.

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