Weekly Photo Challenge: One

Diamond Head Light House
Diamond Head Light House

While coming back from Hawaii, I read an article Odyssey Of Mind by Rob Britton (http://hub.aa.com/en/aw/remembering-travels) in the in-flight magazine in American Airlines. The author says that at some point in our life we get caught up when we will have no time to travel. He says,

Although trip recall is often spontaneous, our senses usually are our boarding passes. Our senses of sound, smell, taste and feel can serve as similar tickets to another time and place.

We left Maui reluctantly, thinking we could have spent more time in Maui. Reading this article was a consolation to my mind. Ever since I returned from Maui, I have been revisiting whenever I narrate my experiences to friends or when I wrote posts on this blog about my travel.

Like Rob Britton said in his article, senses of sound, smell and taste take me back. Every morning I close my eyes and breathe the fresh air and the smell takes me to Maui. The sound of running water in a fountain at my office takes me in front of those waterfalls and the black sand beach. I come home and listen to Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia’s flute, and next second I am in Halemano. While cooking, I open the kitchen rack and the tinned Dole pineapple chunks remind me of Honolulu. Pesto Penne Pasta reminds me of Halemano, since we cooked the same at Halemano kitchen for evening dinner.

Looking at the photos that we captured in Hawaii again takes me there and all other places we have visited so far. There’s no 6 hour flight and journey is free of cost.

Re-posting some of my favorite photos, some are taken by my husband and couple of them by myself. The picture of a flower in snow, was not taken in Hawaii.

Koki Beach Park
An island seen from Koki Beach Park
A distant tunnel seen from Nu’uanu Pali Look out
A Beetle on a plant
A man skiing at Ho’okipa Beach Park
A flower covered in snow
A pineapple at Dole Plantation, Hawaii
A pineapple at Dole Plantation, Hawaii
Scenery on Kamehameha Highway
A tree on Kamehameha Highway,Hawaii


Dancing girl at Thanksgiving Parade – Waikiki
Statue of Kamehameha I the great
Statue of Kamehameha I the great
Puua Kaa State Wayside
A waterfall- Puua Kaa State Wayside
Our cottage at Halemano to the left
Our cottage at Halemano to the left
Morning Sun rise
Me sitting on the bench at the edge of the cliff watching the morning Sun rise

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One

  1. Lovely words those – “our senses usually are our boarding passes” and the fact that almost everything you do nowadays takes you back to the trip just goes on to show how much you really enjoyed this trip more than anything else. Lovely pictures to go with the post as well 😀

    1. Thank you Jairam. I did have fun in Hawaii, and have been writing too much about it. Coming back from Hawaii to reality slowly 🙂

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