First and unexpected snow

We were sorting out our photos today morning when I  came across some of the old albums. I found these photos of my first snow experience. I was lucky to witness a snowfall just after ten days I arrived in America. It usually didn’t snow in the town we lived. My husband said this was his first snow either in six years of his stay. I was extremely thrilled. Our friends wrapped in jackets, snow hats and gloves, came to our place. We got ready to step out and play with the snow. It was an amazing experience to see the snowfall. I would catch the snow flurries, hold it tightly in my hand and crush it. I open my hand to see nothing but water. We went around the town to see people rejoicing in the first snow of the year. I guess nobody stayed at home. There were snowman everywhere and we made one of our own and took pictures.Oh I felt so nostalgic looking at them today. Here are some pictures of my first and unexpected snow.







10 thoughts on “First and unexpected snow

  1. Great photos! Wow, i can’t imagine experiencing your first snow so soon after arriving. You must have wondered what in the world you’d gotten yourself into. 🙂

    1. Oh no it was a beautiful experience. Thing is it snowed just enough so I loved it and not detest it. It was completely a pleasant surprise. May be to welcome me 😉

  2. It is so pretty when everything is covered with snow. I grew up in Florida so snow is always exciting to me too. It’s been a very cold start to this time of year so u bet we’ll have some snow before this winter is done. We didn’t last year.

    1. Yeah even I grew up where it never snows, in fact I hadn’t been to any place where it snowed. In Northern India it snows, but have never been there. So it was thrilling for me too. Yeah in Atlanta too it doesn’t snow every year, it gets cold though!! Hope you get to see some snow soon 🙂

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