Ghastly Ghost

Driving alone,

On a New moon night

Car broke down on a deserted road,

Wolves howling Owls Hooting in unison,

Encompassing spookiness

Thick dense trees by roadside,

Creepy wind

Rustling leaves and Creaky branches,

Unanimously awakening an old Spirit ,

In a nearby cemetery.

Beneath the gravestones,

Rising from it’s tomb

To quench it’s thirst

With long black hair and teeth like Dracula

Dressed in medieval clothing,

grinning like a Cheshire cat, advancing in excitement.

I stand freezing and shivering, grinding my teeth perspiring

and Inspiring  the Spirit

Heavy metallic rock ringtone rings

Ghost aghast runs for it’s life!

Gleefully I look at my phone to appreciate my savior

A missed call from my mother-in-law,

Not to miss a golden opportunity,

Choosing best among the worst,

I come to senses and run behind the spirit

In seek of eternal peace!

Written for : Weekly Writing Challenge: Leave ‘Em Wanting More

Prompt:   Go for a classic genre of suspense: write a horror story, using the break to build tension as your readers move to the next page.

Plot:  Story of a man encountering a ghost of someone from medieval times, runs away listening to heavy rock! 


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