Jubilant Nature


She dances in the rain,
Her heart filled with gaiety,
Clad in white, sometimes green,
Gracefully changing her beauty.

Time has no meaning,
She is forever revealing,
Swinging and Swaying,
Joyous soul floating!

Trifextra 33 word Challenge: Soul-soaring happiness

Note the progression of light and seasons.  Take some time to ponder the rebirth and resurgence and ultimate triumph that is nature and growth and light.  Think about time and the sun and the movement of both.  Fill yourself up with it, and then write. No creepiness allowed.  No girls in chains.  No basements.  No flesh-eating viruses.  No post-apocalyptic hunger pangs.  No dead philandering boyfriends.  Nobody pulling the plug on Grandma partially because she’s old but mostly because she deserves it.  We want soul-soaring happiness out of you this week.  If that isn’t your thing, just give it a whirl.  If it really isn’t your thing, come back for the next challenge when the rules are guaranteed to be different.  Because that’s also the kind of challenge we are. – See more at: http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/2013/08/trifextra-week-eighty-one.html#sthash.fN51DdlS.dpuf


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