Angel in Disguise

It was one beautiful night, with bright moonlit sky and a gentle zephyr kissing my face now and then. I crawled slowly like a snake not to wake up people in the house. That was an ugly house with patches all over, well, I thought this might be sufficient enough for my tomorrow’s expenses. There were no windows open downstairs,but for one in the first floor. A branch of the tree beside the house reached the broken window. I went on to climb. Opening the window slowly, I entered the clumsy looking room and noticed a boy sleeping. His face was clearly visible in the moon light, those innocent eyes, it melted my heart!

Mommy works hard all day at the factory to make ends meet. Often I feel I am a burden to her! She says we have a guarding angel who takes care of us from heaven. She says the angel would definitely visit us one day. I wonder what is it taking so long for the angel to visit us. I have many questions for him! I want to ask him why I can’t play like other kids, why did he take away my leg, why does he make my mommy work hard! Suddenly I see a shadow! Somethings moving on the branch of the tree, Oh! it can’t be, can it? My angel is here. I asked him all the questions I ever wanted to ask, he didn’t speak. He stood still, he didn’t appear like an angel I imagined one would be, in fact I couldn’t see the face clearly!

It has been such a hectic day. I sit in this room holding the prosthetic leg which can possibly fit my poor little unfortunate son’s leg. Let bygones, be bygones! I don’t even want to remember the unfortunate accident that took away my son’s leg merely due to my negligence. It has been such a painful journey since then. My dear husband dying, leaving me to take care of our only son. I vowed to my husband to leave no stone unturned to bring him up well. I left my town and came to this city in search of a job in prosthetic leg manufacturing company, in order to learn all about leg replacement. With not much of education and work experience, I managed to get in as an assistant to delivery and account manager in the factory. I burned the mid night oil to learn the new task, worked over nights and on weekends. I read several books in due course. Even after 2 years I haven’t been able to save enough to buy a prosthetic leg for my dear sonny. My heart weeps in pains seeing him sit and gaze out of the window and see other children play, it hurts when I don’t see him come running to me when I reach home.

I stood in awe looking at the child’s plight! He thinks I am an angel when all my intention of coming here was to steal. Without another word I climbed down disappearing in the dark. Suddenly something flashed into my mind. I remembered my friend who comes regularly to coffee shop saying he works in prosthetic manufacturing company on the west end of the city. He also had given an account of his work. I changed my direction and started walking towards the other end of the city. When I reached I saw a woman holding a prosthetic leg in a room close to the entrance of the building, she had dozed off! I guessed this would be the room they stored their products, so I sneaked in through the window. After quickly searching a few models in the room, I guessed the one in the woman’s hand conceivably suitable for the boy I saw. I had to act quickly before anybody could catch me.Without thinking much, I took a chance by picking the leg from her hand and disappeared again into the dark!

Next morning I woke up, I had a feel of happiness, I hazily remember last night whether it was a dream or reality, I had seen my angel. I went to reach my crutches. There was a parcel lying on the table. I opened it in surprise and bafflement. Tears poured down my face. I started sobbing looking at the present my angel had left for me. I cried loudly like never before.

I woke up to find the prosthetic leg in my hand was missing . I looked for it everywhere in the room but in vain. I reported to my supervisor,  a nice old man  who knew all about me very well in these years. He consoled me and said he would take care of the only one missing prosthetic leg. After a laborious day and night duty, I left for home eager to see my lovely son. As I went close to my house I heard my son crying loudly. What in the world had happened to him? I ran into the house and to his room. My mother sat next to my son in tears.She was holding him tight! I was dumbstruck and speechless. Instead of consoling my son I joined him in crying. For the first time in many years all three of us wept out of joy. Finally our angel had come!!

That night, was an eye opener for me. A boy had pointed out the goodness in me! I walked elated in the moonlight, a policeman saluted me, I returned it in pride. I was an ANGEL that one night and decided to be forever!! I left my profession and now in search of a nobler one.

I slowly got used to my new leg and have started going to school, leading a normal life and proud to be an independent person. Thanks to THE ANGEL…of my life.

After that night, I left the job, and moved back to my little town with my mother and son and afforded to find a position in a local school as a Biology teacher. Thanks to so many books I read when I worked in the factory. I spend enough time with my sonny boy but he has made new friends now! The prosthetic leg he has will suffice for at least another five years. Hopefully by then I would have saved enough money to buy another. Anyway, I am happy for my son and thank THE ANGEL for this LIFE he returned.


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