As Time Goes By

His first ever gift on Valentine’s Day

I met, I liked, I married

He came to my house, we spoke for few minutes, he was perspiring which to me was inspiring! He was simple, I was simple. I liked how he spoke but I didn’t understand what he spoke! He asked me if I smoke or drink which made me laugh! I thought he was funny! He said he earns just enough money to take care of me which impressed me! OK I said, we got married.

I crossed seven seas and came to him leaving behind my family and friends. New world, new people, new air. I wasn’t scared! He introduced me to a new place ‘kitchen’ and told I am supposed to cook, now I was scared! I opened my ‘cook-book’ to refer to notes, my mommy had made me write. To cook 1 cup of rice add 2 cups of water, to cook 1 cup of upma-rava, add 1.5 cups of water, my hands trembled seeing mathematics in cooking, I cried! He came running consoling me, he prepared food, I cried, it was not good!! He showed me how to make “round” dosa, I did make “all other shapes but not round” dosa! Slowly I learnt “mathematics and cooking”, I learnt it is an art, a science, or merely just fill your stomach!! He became my teacher!

Life changed without our knowledge, all that was ‘I’ now became ‘We’! One day he came running from college for lunch, I was hungry and waiting for him,he opened his backpack and said he has got something for me! I was excited, he opened some treasure that he carefully covered in paper-towel. It was two Samosa, which I hadn’t eaten in months, we ate together, he gave me more. He became my mother!

He took me to all places, showed me the world, kept me happy, bought me gifts, bought me dresses, bought me perfumes, told me what is good and what is not! I was excited with my new life, seeing new places with new friends. He bought me a phone, kept track of me, and checked if I was fine, He became my father!

He fell ill, he was weak and tired, I took him to doctor, cooked him food, took care of him, held him in my arms and consoled him. I pat his head, so he would sleep, prepared coffee, took charge of house and other business, He became my child!

He is romantic, funny, interesting, smart, not-so-sexy (but enough for me), sensible. He hugs me tight, I would never escape. He dances funny, I would laugh. He sees no other girl, I feel secure. He helps me in every other thing, I would not feel helpless. I cry, he wipes my tears in bare hand. I smile, he says I look beautiful. I am stupid and silly, he is OK with it. I blame him and say things, he keeps silent. He is my lover my friend and my husband!

I ask him how 4 years went by so fast? He smiles!!

A song from our favorite series “As Time Goes By”, one of the earlier series we watched together after marriage.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Reel Talk


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