A day in MY kitchen

I remember the day very well. It was such a wonderful and bright day with not much work to do. I had ample time and finished my morning routine and got to my workplace, my kitchen, to see awaiting orders. There were not many orders either, just one, surprisingly. I thought to myself, this is the time to show some of my skills. I got containers of all ingredients and started putting in a wok.

1 cup of humor

1 cup of politeness

1/2 cup of friendliness

1/4 th cup of patience

1/2 cup of  loyalty

1 table spoon of lot of sleep

2 teaspoon of indifference and stubbornness

I took the container “anger”, generally I am very careful while adding this to any of my recipes, generally 1 cup is supposed to be very dangerous and harmful, so I am extra cautious while adding this.  I just wanted to put 1 or 2 tea spoon (this is the right amount to protect one’s self esteem when somebody else tries to tamper it), this is when the first blunder happened, my kids who were watching television screamed after watching “Michael Jackson burned severely at the filming of a Pepsi commercial”, they freaked out and I got startled and “anger” container in my hand slipped and fell inside the wok. I immediately took out some of it, but they had already mixed with the rest of ingredients, “anger” spreads quickly contaminating other ingredients!! I guess it was at-least 1/2 a cup. To balance this I thought of adding more of “patience”. By then I was feeling very hungry, I wrote below ‘to-do’ steps in post-it and stuck it on the wall and went for lunch.

1) Add 1/4 cup of patience

2) Make the nose little more blunt

By the time I came back from lunch the second blunder had occurred. One of my assistants who has more of the ingredient negligent was on duty that day. He didn’t notice my post-it on the wall and without even asking me, made a dough and put it in our “seasoning machine” and then he sent it out to our “molding department”.

It gave ME immense shock and pain to see ”MY own creation” get screwed up(as humans say) when I had started the day with the intention of making the very best. Some days are really not yours, you see. I stood in front of it thinking “What the hell?”. I so much envy humans for they call out my name if they are happy or sad or in distress. What should I do, whom should I call? “Oh Godfather”? Well, let’s not disturb him, he is happily relaxing in heaven. By the way, these days people on earth, what all they add to my name when calling out my name? I so helplessly listen to them!! How do they understand what I feel.

Anyway lets come back to my “screwed up” recipe. To compensate for this two unscrupulous events, I garnished with:

1) a pair of beautiful eyes, seeing which anybody will fall for easily!!

2)I took the bottle of potion of “Beautiful smile” and sprinkled extra amount of drops.

I also attached “Wash care label” (just like humans have wash care labels on T Shirts etc..) with instruction “Handle with lots of Love and Care”! and then sent it to “Dispatch to womb” department.

This was the story when I created this, what’s her name? Oh well, whatever let her parents bother about it. I had come to work with so much happiness but left the day disappointed. It happens to ME too!! When I see this kid I created that day, from here, well she somehow manages with her smile and eyes I gave to overcome her imperfections!! Still I could do nothing about the nose, even today it is the first part that enters any room, for it’s so protruding!!

-Dear ol’ GOD

Weekly Writing Challenge : A pinch of You


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