Laughter Unleashed

Laugh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Laughter is the best medicine”

All of us know this!! I am writing this post in response to “Weekly Writing Challenge: The Best Medicine” by WordPress. I came across Weekly Writing Challenge sometime last week and thought of giving a try once. This week’s topic is “write about whatever topic you’d like, but go for laughs.” 

I laugh a lot, even over silly things and sometimes for no reasons. A small spark is enough for me to laugh. Because of this sometimes when I am occupied with some thoughts or upset over any issue, looking at my face my friends and family can say I am not normal. They try to cheer me up!! I guess I inherit this “laughing” nature from my mother and her siblings. My two aunts, mother’s sisters are just like me(or I am like them!!!). They make me laugh a lot.

My second aunt for instance, builds pressure inside her mouth before she laughs!! Due to this extreme pressure she often cuts the cheese while laughing!!!! Now this is enough for me to laugh for one full day. She is known for this in my family!!

Same aunt has problem remembering words. She was narrating about somebody going to religious temple KISCON, It kept all of us thinking what this new one was, until I told them it must be ISKCON!!!

I spoke to her on phone the other day, she told her daughter, who is here in US, has planned a trip to place HAWELI, HAWELI in Hindi means mansion. I told that’s not a place, she said it sounds something like that, few seconds later I realized it was HAWAII. Now what can I say? Rest of our conversation was “hahahaahaaa heheheeee” and full stop.

All right lets come to me. It was my initial days in southeast US and had little trouble understanding southern accent. My hubby took me to his department and we met his professor’s Secretary. He introduced me to her and spoke for a couple of minutes. While leaving I opened the door and was about to leave. She shouted at me “Hold the door” and I said “Thank You”!!! She repeated twice I kept saying Thank You. My hubby was dumbstruck, he opened the door for her and after we came out he asked me what was I thinking. You know, I heard her say “Have a nice Day”!!! (Blame my ear)

Later I learnt my mischievous friend had the same issue. He used to say “Uh huh” for everything, for it can be taken as a Yes” or a “No”, let the other person interpret accordingly for their convenience. I tried this once, it didn’t work out for me, I went to McDonald’s and ordered for coffee, I didn’t know they give black coffee and we need to mix milk  separately(unlike in India, coffee means milk and black coffee mixed). They gave me black coffee. I asked for milk, they asked how many. Well all I knew was milk was measured in liters, then asking  “how many” was inappropriate I thought. I got confused and followed my friend and said “Uh huh”, only thing was it was a question she was asking. She stared at me and I stared at her. Finally she handed me with 2 little milk cartons. I realized why she asked “How Many“!!!

On our first year anniversary we went to Disney World, Orlando, Florida. To be frank I am not all that adventurous when it comes to sitting in rides. Hubby managed to convince me to sit in Revenge of Mummy ride, inside it was pitch dark. It started, the roller coaster went fast in pitch dark. I was unaware where I was going so fast. Suddenly mummy figures on both sides emit fires, in the light I saw my hubby laughing out of joy!! Further there were flames on both sides and in front a door was closing, hubby laughing. I thought we were about to hit it!! “Surprise Surprise” roller coaster reversed, my hubby still laughing, We started travelling back, I am screaming, hubby laughing. I see mummies both sides, fire flames, hubby enjoying.  Ok enough is enough. I started hitting him and pinching his hand, “You bring me to such rides to scare me on our first anniversary and you enjoy “. Poor fellow, he went pale, took me to Simpsons simulated ride, said it is fun and less scary. Ok I sat, there were 6 or 8 seats in the room, The doors closed, Ok am I claustrophobic? No I am not, I am fine. Then it’s dark. In our front screen picture starts, our simulated seats move, giving the effect that we are in a roller coaster(again??). And that roller coaster is broken ahead!!! What is happening, we are suddenly riding over seas and mountains and are about to hit something, ok narrow escape!!! I enjoyed and pinched my hubby little less this time!! We came back home, my hubby could not wait to tell his friends what happened to him, how I reacted in rides. They surely had a good laugh.

My friend was teaching her little sister “Subtraction”. The little girl wouldn’t get however hard my friend tried to explain. My friend thought of giving an example, she went on to explain her little sister “Look dear let’s say you have 10 chocolates, you give your friend 5 chocolates, How much is left with you? ” Suddenly little sister is angry, she shouts “Why should I give 5 chocolates to my friend ?” My friend gave up Subtraction!!

This is just a sample. No intention meant to hurt anybody. One thing worth taking care of before we laugh

“Laugh with others not at others”


2 thoughts on “Laughter Unleashed

  1. I love the little sister of your friends story on subtraction, very funny! Yeah, our hubby’s can get it wrong sometimes, many times in fact, but I’m glad you hit him for the roller-coaster rides!

    Well told stories 😀

    ~ Vicky

    1. Hi Vicky,

      haha thank you. yes hubby’s won’t be sensible always, a hit or two is required (may be often??) 🙂


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