The one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching.


So true!! We will know how well we know when we teach/explain somebody. It’s one way of testing our self  how well we have understood!! We would have taken so many things/words for granted while learning. While teaching if any question comes up we keep pondering for the answer and realize how well/little we know of it!!

One might find it easy learning but to convey what we have learnt to others requires skill. For that one must use the right word, expression, example to convey anything. It also depends on the people who are on the other side. It’s a teacher’s job to gauge each one where they stand, how much they can take and what best method makes them understand. It’s not an easy job, I myself had a bit of an experience yesterday teaching a small adult group. I learnt a lot on how to teach, right choice of words to convey what is running in my mind.

I always wondered when I was in college how would I be alert during some classes and doze of in others however interesting the topic is. It’s in a person to attract the class and make even a boring topic interesting. Sometimes I would wonder how soon the class got finished and wished it continued for some more time!!

One thing is for sure, when you are teaching, you are LEARNING how to TEACH, while others are learning what you know!!


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