Midsomer Murders


We have been watching Midsomer Murders these days. I love murder mystery and have watched many series but this is the best I liked so far. Midsomer Murder is a BBC detective drama based on Novel by Caroline Graham. Chief Inspector Barnaby and his sergeant (this character keep changing)  solve the murders happening in Midsomer county which is fictional. PBS airs it on every Saturday and that’s how we got to know about the series. These days we are glued to TV with dinner in our hand after a busy day. We generally borrow DVDs from library.

Each episode lasts for 90 minutes. In the beginning they introduce many characters. One should pay attention to each character and relations else it becomes difficult to follow the rest of the episode and eventually might lose interest. Usually more than one murder happens in every episode, we keep wondering what would be the population of Midsomer county if so many people are killed continuously!!

We have almost watched 6 to 7 series. After watching so many series I have begun to love the character Barnaby, very well played by John Nettles. It’s really interesting how Barnaby and his sergeant solves each case with evidences they collect and applying simple logic. There’s not much violence. The villages in Midsomer county are filmed in such beautiful places. I like the story line too for it’s difficult to predict the murderer till the very end. Throughout the episode it keeps me wondering who culprit would be. And finally when they disclose one wouldn’t have even guessed about it. There’s also light amount of comedy between Barnaby and his sergeant or when his family comes. Overall it’s really cute.

Series like this can be started from any episode, needn’t have to start from first season first episode. We just get some random series from library. Sometimes we would have watched so much that I dream of the horror stories at night and yet continue to  watch it next day!!


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