Bye Telegram

India’s oldest communication service telegram is terminating very soon. (  I am lucky to have seen it at least in my childhood days. Generally when we got a telegram our reflex action was to get tensed expecting for the worst in it, even though it might have brought good news. Telegrams then were occasional however compared to regular posts. We would write to our people living far and expect a reply back, we would wait for the postman to deliver letters from loved ones. I remember the blue inland letter/card that came regularly from my uncle, we didn’t have telephone then. I was young and I would pester my mother to read the last line. That’s where my uncle would mention about me in a line or two.

Today with the conquest of mobile smart phones, posts are hardly used to communicate. With that “writing” habit is deteriorating in us. How often we write a long e-mail even to our parents/siblings living far off?  We don’t even send greeting cards, it’s all e-greetings these days. I preserved all the greeting cards I received from my cousins and once in a while took a look at them. These days the e-cards go down my inbox over time and I forget about it eventually.

We “wrote” for the sake of communicating unlike these days where people hardly write. With mobile phones there’s a new thing what is called as short hand abbreviations like ttyl, brb, l8er, LOL etc. just a single word, not even a complete sentence! With the advance in technology some of our basic habits are deteriorating unnoticed. But then thanks to blogs, everybody gets a chance to voice out their thoughts, at least this way we keep the habit of “writing”.


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