Joy of doing nothing!

I was so tied up with work when I bumped into this article, felt really nice after reading this.There’s an Italian expression l’arte di non fare niente  which means “Joy of doing nothing”!! Sounds so good. What does it really mean? It depends on person to person. For me “Joy of doing nothing” is when I wake up in the morning, switch on the TV, cook something nice and tasty to please my taste buds and fill my stomach, sit next to my husband and tease him, water the plants, sleep for sometime, go for a walk and so on. Of course I am doing something but with no definite purpose. I just do it for nothing and still there’s joy. We are so engrossed in this mundane life that sometimes we tend to forget to do nothing.

I came across this word first time when I read the book “Eat Pray Love” and really thought about it, how often we do nothing? Life these days(especially in cities) has become so mechanical that people tend to run like a horse, eyes tied with winkers, no chance to see rear and to the side. We can neither give attention to simple things happening nor look at the past!!

It makes me think were our ancestors like this? I guess not!! They worked hard and also did “nothing” sometimes. I see this generation kids growing up in highly competitive world, I appreciate them working so hard, they go swimming, dancing, music, do school work  but at the same time I pity them. My mother pitied me for she grew up in a village and I in a city. She pitied me for I didn’t get a chance to climb tree, get drenched in rain while coming from school on foot (at her time she didn’t even have rain coat), chit-chat with friends, play outdoor games with friends and so on!! That was her “joy of doing nothing” , when she did all these she didn’t have a purpose!!

This is the link to the article:


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